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How & Why personal branding matters to you and your organization with Michelle GRIFFIN

The biggest key would be marketing strategy is leadership work. Leverage the behavioral sciences and quality market research with your strategy and you will get to your goal. It will help you with your bottom line and you’ll see that online. This is a touchstone publisher’s presentation, your trusted source of leadership knowledge.

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Mastermind Alliance The true power behind success

The Mastermind Alliance principle happens when two or ore people who work in harmony, without competition toward a purpose creates an amazing result. You will find yourself accomplishing more in one years time than you could in a lifetime without being a part of a Mastermind Alliance. We will help you discover how to make that statement true for yourself in this three part series.

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How to apply the seven habits of Highly Effective People To be a Great Leader

Are you the kind of Leader that can find the benefit in sharpening your saw and getting better? Are you the kind of Leader that wants to increase your power of persuasion? The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People will help you. Join our discussion on these powerful habits.

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