About Glenn Daniels II

Master Jedi Knight Pax TiBi ?

Have you ever noticed how stories can pull you in? Think back to when you were a child, do you remember getting lost in a story? As a little boy, my brother, our best friend, and I loved lying in our backyard on those long hot summer days, in the shade of our neighbor’s very tall aspen tree and tell stories. Sometimes we made them up and sometimes we would share stories about something we read in a book or saw on TV. Storytelling somehow stayed with me.

In my 30+ years of helping set strategies to create powerful changes from within for thousands of individuals and organizations, I’ve used storytelling to connect audiences with the skills and techniques that enable them to rapidly become great leaders.

My clients are spread across a variety of industries around the world including the U.S. military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral, energy, manufacturing, and retailIn the speaking industry, Ive worked with some of the top names and developed a fun and effective skills-and-technique-based style.

As you’ll see, our entertaining, engaging, and informative lectures and workshops unleash the potential of each leader.  We give leaders the motivation to use those skills and techniques to have a measurable effect on the bottom line.

It is time to go to work.

The best mentor that a person could have taught me that I could be better. He saw that even though I had the number one Team in the nation for six quarters in a row that I could be better. I could be better than I had been. I could make people’s lives better by being a better leader. So, I started my journey of learning and sharing, a mission of being better.

The reality is that we spend most of our awake hours at our job.  And you’re really good at it. Why not be the best at it?